Training by The Office Pro

Do you struggle to:

  • Rewrite documents several times and still not feel confident they’re error-free and written clearly?
  • Project a professional image in your correspondence? Are your writing skills up-to-date?

End the struggle; achieve results:

  • Write professional correspondence and reports with confidence.
  • Master advanced skills that increase your value and lead to better job security.

How can The Office Pro help?

The Office Pro provides training classes for business writing. You’ll receive a thorough needs assessment to determine the topics to be covered in your training, so the sessions will be meaningful to your work objectives. Hands-on, step-by-step instruction coupled with actual company examples create the ideal learn environment to increase information retention.

The Office Pro offers customized group or one-on-one training. Contact us today to learn how we can help enhance the productivity and image of your company. Topics we cover include:

Text Speak or Corporate Speak: Writing for Business Today

Do your company’s documents sound too formal? Too casual? Today’s business writing is professional and conversational. Learn the proper writing skills vital to maintaining your company’s professional image.

Creating Effective E-mails

Are your business e-mail messages professional? Learn to write e-mails that are easy to read, get responses, and are professional and conversational.

I Didn’t Like Grammar in High School, So Why Would I Like It Now?

Do you feel comfortable with your grammar rules? Do you need a refresher course? Knowing grammar and punctuation rules improves your communication and image. Learn to write confidently.

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